Frequently Asked Questions


Application Form Submission

Q: How do I submit my application?

The award application form should be submitted online on the official website of Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards by 23:59 on 16th Mar 2018 (Fri).

Q: Can I submit my application alone?
Sure, yes! You can join the award independently, but we will encourage you to form groups with a maximum of 8 members.

Q: Can I join the award as an oversea student?
Although you are an oversea student, if you are now studying full-time undergraduate or post-graduate levels at any of Hong Kong’s tertiary education institutions, you are welcome to join as team!

Q: Can I submit application after deadline?
No, the deadline of award application will not be extended. Please submit application by 23:59 on 16th Mar 2018 (Fri).

Q: Is there a cost to enter?
We encourage to see your innovative idea and the entry fee for this award is FREE.

Proposal Submission

Q: Can we submit our proposal by mail or by post?
In order to be fair and keep the proposal in consistency, the proposal submission process is entirely online​; no mailed entries will be accepted. This ensures that all entries are judged on the same information and gives the jury a chance to review projects via the online system.

Q: Are there any content outline for the proposal?
Yes, a proposal guideline mentioning the sample pagination will be updated online after application submission deadline ends.

First Screening and Final Presentation

Q: How many shortlisted teams will be selected?
The Jury Panel will review all award proposals and shortlisted for 8-10 teams to join the final presentation.

Q: When will we be informed as a shortlisted team?
The shortlisted teams will receive an e-mail invitation during May 2018 to invite to the final presentation on 1 Sep 2018 (Sat).

Q: What requirements do we need to modify our final presentation?
We welcome your presentation in any mode that can show your innovative idea, e.g. video, model etc. Each team will be entitled to get HK$ 8,000 in maximum, which will be reimbursed for actual expenses with receipt to modify their proposals.

Q: How long will be the final presentation?
There will be 20 minutes presentation with jury panels.

Q: Who will judge the Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards?
The jury panel consists of 8 members, from education sector, commercial sector and non-profit organization will judge the award.

Q: What are the awards that can be won?
There are three total Innovative awards: Gold, Silver and Bronze.
There are also three bonus award The Most Innovative Award , The Best Engineering Solution Award and
The Most Effective Funding Strategy Award.

Q: What criteria will my award proposal be judged on?
Goals and Intended Outcomes, Engineering Solution and Funding Strategy. Of course, the idea must be creative and effective.

Award Presentation Ceremony

Q: How will I inform to be awarded?
The final presentation for shortlisted teams is on 1 Sep 2018. We will inform the winning teams to the award presentation ceremony in 2-week time.

Q: Where will the award presentation ceremony organize?
The ceremony will take place in hotel in Hong Kong and detail will be announced later.


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