Judging Criteria

Weighting of Score

Goals and Intended Outcomes (20%)

  • Section I should clearly outline what sustainable development issue the project will focus on, and how the intended solution will address it over the long term.

Engineering Solution (60%)

  • Section II should focus on the engineering aspect of the project, with a focus on the plan, design, and implementation of the solution.

Funding Strategy (20%)

  • Section III should demonstrate the financial viability of the project.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The decision Chun Wo will be final and absolute on all matters pertaining to the Chun Wo ISA, excluding the scoring and results (the jury panel will judge the submissions independently).
  2. The decision of the jury panel will be final and absolute on all matters regarding the scoring and results.
  3. All submitted documents should be original works of the applicants. By submitting a nomination for the award, the applicant declares and represents that the content in their submission is of their own effort.
  4. All submissions remain the property of their respective owners. Chun Wo will assume no liability for the work submitted or accusations of any breach of intellectual property rights related to the work submitted.
  5. The applicants, through participating, shall bear full responsibility if their submission is shown to breach intellectual property rights or be illegal in any other form, and may have their award disqualified immediately.
  6. If, after an award is bestowed, any information supplied in the respective nomination is discovered to be fraudulent or illegal, Chun Wo reserves the right, after consulting the jury panel, to withdraw the award and potentially recover damages if appropriate.
  7. The applicants authorise Chun Wo to use content from the winning works submitted by the applicants for promotion, marketing, publicity, display or other related purposes. Winners will be notified of the final result on or before 28 Sep 2018.
  8. These Rules and Regulations are subject to change by Chun Wo when necessary. Chun Wo reserves the right to amend the Rules and Regulations without prior announcement.




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