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AAI and Chun Wo Celebrate 50th Anniversary Announces First “Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards” Winners to Motivate Innovation Among Young People
亞洲聯合基建與俊和五十周年誌慶 公佈首屆「俊和學生創新獎」得獎者,鼓勵年青人發揮創新思維

Offers Consultation to Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards' Finalists for Final Presentation
為俊和學生創新獎決賽隊伍提供方案諮詢 以助學生迎接決賽

Chun Wo Innovation Student Awardes Announced Finalists
Honor to be Invited in Microsoft Workshop Empower Themsleves to the Final Presentation
獲邀參與微軟香港工作坊 積極備戰決賽

Chun Wo's Launch of Innovation Student Awards
Stimulates Engineering Students' Innovation Minds to Tackle Environmental Issues
俊和創立學生創新獎 激勵工程系學生創新解難救地球


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